Born in a small town in central Pennsylvania, Celine’s childhood was marked by her unique gift of sensitivity. As a kid trying to put a name on something she trusted but couldn’t really explain, she articulated the experience as the presence of imaginary friends she named her “Tovarysh,” which is the word for friend in the Slavic language. These divine messengers, her Tovarysh, have remained a benevolent presence to this day, guiding her through all aspects of her life.

After receiving a biology degree from Bucknell University, Celine pursued a career in medical research both at Stanford University Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center. She has over 30 publications in infectious disease, biochemistry and cardiovascular scientific journals. Twelve years ago, Celine realized a lifelong dream when she became a blueberry farmer, in addition to pursuing her professional career. Now retired from her research career, she continues to be a successful blueberry farmer, with her bushes now yielding over 3000 pounds of blueberries each season. She supplies many of the university and corporate cafeterias in the area.

Following the guidance of her Tovarysh to share the divine wisdom passed down to her, she started a blog five years ago, TheTovaryshConnection. Later, she assembled a collection of these messages as a practical tool for readers and published her first book, One With All of Thee: Growing Your Sacred Connection.

Recently, Celine was guided to continue sharing the messages from her Tovarysh with a second book, One With All of Thee: Sowing the Seeds for Change. It addresses the fear that shadows us all during these times of transition. By encouraging us to replace that fear with love, these messages of hope and empowerment show us how we can be the vehicles for positive change in this world.


I received this message a few days before the website went live and knew it needed to be shared. The world is filled with such fear, and yet, our true nature is love. By sharing that love with all, we have the power to change the world.

Will you join me in sending love with every breath? Together we can make a difference.

Thy heart swells for thee with love.
Thy heart beats as one with thee in love.
Thy heart sends love across the universe.
Thy heart connects all of creation.

Breathe love.
Breathe love in, breathe love out.
Feel the love surge through thy veins
Through the veins of the Universe

The connection of love begins with thee
Traveling down the points of light
Which exist on the web of connection between all of creation.
It is wondrous to see
It is wondrous to see the life’s breath of love

Thee are a part of this.
All of creation is a part of this.
Thee are never disconnected from this pulse of love.
Allow it to fill your body with light.
Allow it to fill thy veins and pulse through thyself with every breath thee takes.
Thee are one, thee are one, thee are one with all.

It surrounds thee.
It envelopes thee.
It created thee.
It is the substance of thy existence.

Allow it to expand.
Allow it to expand outward from thee.
It shall fill the void.
It shall unmask and unarm the fear that exists within this world.
Thee is love, thee is love, thee is love.
Oh wondrous one, wondrous one of all of thee

Feel the power of this source within thee now.
Know the power of thy love.
Send it wide, send it far,
Send it without hesitation

Be prepared.
Be prepared to receive the gift of love.
Allow it to flow, surround and envelope thee.
Release any fear that remains.
It shall dissolve in the power and the light of this love.

Thee is love, only love.
Accept thy true nature.

OWAT 10.9.17




I try to walk my talk every day as I continue to learn and grow on this chosen path. Although the books contain divinely inspired messages, I’ve also written and published some pieces in my own words. These pieces are reflections on my life as a farmer, a dog-owner; as a person on her own path of self-discovery, just like you.


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